Land Rovers Rust

McDonald Automotive Rusty Car

Cars rust. It’s a fact of life which must be accepted, especially if you own a classic car or any vehicle suitable for off-roading.

Only the most modern of cars and motorcycles use alloys to slow down the oxidation process, so if you’re getting wet and dusty, you’ll also be getting rusty.

Don’t ignore the process, though. Even if you can’t stop it, you can slow it down and you really should.

A case in point is this Defender 90 which was brought in by a customer. Dearly loved, when the owner had detected a change in the way it handled on the road, we were asked to have a look at it.


Looking at the chassis to start with, it seems a bit rusty with some repairs but nothing out of the ordinary.

20150806_160317This view, as you’d see it from the side, doesn’t show much.

This section would be under the body.

20150806_160326 BAnd the other side:

20150806_160247This was the source of the slip. A chassis rail mostly rusted through…



20150806_160256 B




One galvanised chassis later, and our top technician starts his magic juggling skills;

20150813_153426 20150813_153454

InĀ  terms of rust remedy, a good covering of waxoil can do the trick and if you’d like to contact us we’ll give you a quote that will increase your happy.

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This article was written by Rupert Astbury.