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Suck, Squeeze, Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow

Bi Comnpound Charging McDonald 4X4

Bi Compound Charging


We’ve read a forum post. It’s crazy.

Take a Series 3 88, with a 2.25l Diesel engine (rice pudding skins; quake ye not in fear) and add a 200Tdi engine.

Fair enough, we thought, seems like a sensible upgrade, reasonable on a cost basis, acceptable on a performance level, a good all-round compromise. Shake and serve in a martini glass. Cushti.

Or there’s ‘Bi Compound Charging’ to add a few horsepower.

Simply add 30 years of engineering experience, superchargers, turbo-chargers, intercoolers and charge coolers, and turn the 2.5l Land Rover engine into something approaching a 7 litre power-house.

We started by asking the question ‘But… why?’

We realised that this was the wrong question.

Failing to find anything more suitable, we settled on the age-old favourite;

‘What’ll it do, Mister?’*


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This article was written by Rupert Astbury.


*About 50mph apparently. Remember to tip the hospital porters, not the ambulance crew.