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Thicker Than Blood

The New Age Of Brand Marketing For Land Rover’s Discovery

The Geneva motor show saw Jaguar Land Rover confirm that 2015 will see Discovery becoming a Family.

Presumably they’ll be looking for a 3 bed semi; we’d love to see their Rightmove searches…

McDonald 4x4 Defender Challenge by Bowler


Picture courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover

The  season-opening of the Land Rover Defender Challenge Series by Bowler was set in the obviously appropriate Sweet Lamb mountain rally stages of mid Wales.

Edd Cobley and co-driver Allan Jackson took the laurels in an event which mixed mountains with mud and gravel with gentility.

Honourable mention should go to Damien and Sinmon Taft who stopped their stage attack to rescue the impaled Defender of Richard Hayward and co-driver Matt Lister, though the crashed car was over the time limit and so unable to continue to the final stage. You don’t get that in Formula 1!

The 55 mile route is the first of 6 for this year, spread across South Wales, Somerset, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire and Dorset, before the final round takes place in Scotland in mid-November.

Jaguar Land Rover Newsroom:

Speaking at the service centre, Drew Bowler, Managing Director of Bowler Motorsport, said: “We couldn’t be happier with how Round 1 of the Defender Challenge by Bowler has gone.  The cars performed really well and the drivers have clearly enjoyed themselves, with a number of them developing through the day.  The weather delivered some interesting challenges but we all did what we set out to do and the drivers are now up and running on the pathway to rally raid.  The organisation of today’s event was fantastic and we were all delighted with our welcome from the organisers, the other teams and the spectators.”

People wishing to find out more information about the Defender Challenge by Bowler should visit: Updates during the race can be found on the @LandroverUKPR twitter feed.

Defender Challenge by Bowler standing after Round 1:

Position Car Driver Co-Driver Time
1 301 Edd Cobley Allan Jackson 66.16.5
2 303 Damien Taft Simon Taft 78.13.5
3 305 Andrew Wicklow Simon Armstrong 79.05.9
4 304 Steve Richards Kevin Handley 96.58.9*
5 302 Richard Hayward Matt Lister Stage 4**

*includes time penalties

**finished Stage 4 but outside of time allocation to progress to Stage 5

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This article was written by Rupert Astbury.