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Welcome to McDonald 4x4, your gateway to the world of quality Land Rover parts, accessories and servicing. As the leading Land Rover parts shop in the UK, we have everything you need. Our reception and parts department has a range of spare parts for all Land Rover models and series.

Land Rover, the second oldest four-wheel-drive car brand in the world, is popular for its Land Rover series. These include the Defender, Discovery, Freelander and Range Rover. These models gained popularity among the Brits and eventually, worldwide. If you’re one of the lucky owners of any of the Land Rover models, our team is always ready to provide everything you need for your car, whether it’s a part, an accessory or servicing. Our Land Rover service centre is large enough to accommodate multiple vehicles for repair and maintenance. 

What We Offer

As a premier Land Rover parts shop, our goal at McDonald 4x4 is to satisfy every customer by providing quality products and services. We have parts and accessories for Land Rover models. We also repair and rebuild damaged vehicles. You can be sure about the reliability of our work because we use innovative tools and equipment. We also offer wheels and off road equipment for adventurous customers. 

Browse the entire website to find what you’re looking for or call us for assistance. We’ll be happy to help you in every way we can.


Getting To Grip
Posted on Friday November 07, 2014
Getting stuck in? Off-road driving is only possible thanks to 4 wheel drive. Actually, there was quite a lot of driving in the days before full-time 4 wheel drive, though you’re welcome to recreate it in your daily motor if you want. I’ll pass thanks. Slipping around on mud is all very well, but when […]

Just Slow Down
Posted on Friday October 31, 2014
  When did you last test your brakes? We all know about the standard ‘brake light bulb’ and ‘after-you-drive-through-water’ brake test, but seriously; when’s the last time you put your money where the manufacturer’s mouth is and really stomped on the stop lever? What happened? Did you get more than you bargained for? Richard Bremner […]

Shop Til You Drop
Posted on Thursday September 18, 2014
The McDonald 4×4 Guide to buying online. Of course, you  know how to get online, you’re there already. As for shopping, I’m sure you’ve done some before now.  It’s just like a real world shop except the changing rooms aren’t all full, you don’t fear the foot measuring machine pinching your toes and you don’t […]

Land Rover: Size Matters
Posted on Friday September 05, 2014
Land Rover are on a diversity drive. After having been passed from commercial pillar to post, sold to BMW, then Ford, now Tata Motors (thankfully avoiding the abortive Phoenix consortium) and amalgamated with Jaguar, Land Rover is enjoying the spectacular fun you can have with extremes. What’ll it do, mister? 550  brake horsepower in a […]

Fuel For Thought
Posted on Friday July 11, 2014
The Jerry Can –  a brief history. Seen all over the world, on news reels from the 1940s to 2014, the Jerry can is as familiar to most people as the Land Rovers which often carry them. The distinctive shape and size, the handles, the side patterns; it may surprise you to learn that these […]

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